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ALM Mobile Imaging - Ultra Sound Services

Our ultrasound imaging service includes cardiac, general, and vascular imaging with state-of-the-art equipment

  1. Cardiac
    • 2D and 3D Echo
    • Stress Echo
    • TEE
  2. Vascular
    • Complete Carotid Imaging
    • Upper and lower Venous Imaging
    • Upper and Lower Arterial Imaging
    • Segmental Pressures
  3. General
    • Complete Abdominal Imaging
    • Complete Obstetrical and Gynecological Imaging

What our mobile package includes

1. Latest advanced Equipment
2. Registered Technologists
3. Onsite board certified cardiologists, if needed to monitor and interpret results
4. All necessary medical supplies

ALM Mobile Imaging offers 4 flexible options

1. LEASE our state of the art equipments along with trained and certified staff and receive full reimbursement from most private Insurances.
2. RENT your office space to us and receive a check each month while leaving all logistic and billing hassles to our professionals.
3. RENT our equipment and staff to fulfill short or long term capacity shortage needs at hospitals, imaging centers or private practices.
4. BUY our equipment and utilize our staffing solutions to hire certified professionals to enhance your practice income.

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