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ALM Additional Services

Medical Equipment Sale

For over 15 years ALM provides hospitals, private practice doctors, technicians, and clinics with high quality new, refurbished and used medical equipments and parts at very reasonable cost. We buy, sell, finance, lease and service medical equipment. For more information please visit our equipment sale website

Medical Equipment Leasing

Rent our equipment to fulfill short or long term capacity shortage needs at hospitals, imaging centers or private practices. Our equipment rental service can be used to help with unanticipated equipment failures and shortages. You can also rent our equipment prior to buying, so as to ensure your investment will be worthwhile. Please visit to check out the variety of equipments we offer.

Accreditation Assistance

ALM can assist client facilities that meet accreditation standards in obtaining accreditation. This is a process that usually requires data collection, continuing educational training, and a minimum three year contract.

Billing and Reimbursement Assistance

Billing for imaging services is one part and getting reimbursed is the second part. Several issues can arise in between leading to frustration and unpaid claims. From initial setup to daily billing operations we can help construct and implement proven strategies that can increase collections and enhance compliance with government mandates, while guaranteeing a smooth operation. Our experienced billing experts will work with your staff to inform, train and continually educate them on the latest and best trends to ensure your billing potential is maximized. Our billing experts can help with every phase including initial setup, creation of claims, submission of claims, Follow up and reporting tools.

Health Physicist Support

The Medical and Health Physics Services business of ALM provides a comprehensive range of services. This includes the quality control procedures, calibrations, quality assurance, imaging resolution, and record keeping processes necessary for the operation of your medical imaging department. Our experts can help with every aspect of health physics including turnkey solutions, and ongoing health physics services. Need assistance with license preparation? A safety audit? Evaluation and acceptance testing? ALM Health physicists can do all this, and much more.

State Licensing Consulting & Health Physicist Support

ALM provides support for all Nuclear Medicine customers to include licensing, training, amendments, inspection attendance and internal reviews designed to meet or exceed industry standards for nuclear medicine services and insure compliance with governmental regulations.

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