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About Us

ALM MOBILE IMAGING is a mobile diagnostic imaging company specializing in providing nuclear cardiology imaging, ultrasound and stress testing in Physician offices. ALM is one of the first to offer mobile nuclear cardiac imaging in the Midwest and is one of the fastest growing imaging businesses in the area.

ALM creates a value added service for patients by offering "in house service".Instead of referring patients elsewhere physicians now have the option of providing these services in their office under their own supervision. Blue Cross Blue Shield, and other insurance carriers all reimburse Primary Care Physicians for the services we perform in their offices. And when you lease our portable camera and technologist your practice can bill for each procedure, adding upwards of $2500 per day to your gross revenues.

After over 15 years of experience in the imaging industry, ALM continues to maintain a firm reputation of providing high quality medical imaging with 100% accurate results. At ALM we believe the core of our success is due to a consistent investment on the following:
-> Latest advanced equipment
-> Highly trained technologists
-> Quality customer service
-> Strong relationships with physicians

Our Address

822 Eagle Drive, Bensenville, Illinois, 60106
Office Ph: (630) 206-9296
Toll Free: (800) 781-1938
Fax: (800) 781-1938

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